How to get rid of black heads

How to get rid of black heads:- Hy guyz welcome to of blog and in this today’s Article I will teach you  “How to get rid of black hhead.” and I am sure that your all black heads will be disappeared in 2 days. And this is very easy home remedie so you will not need to buy and medicine. So with out wasting the time let’s start the Article.
Firstly I want to say that each and every body in once in the life they have got black heads and it is very ugly while seeing it and mostly it is every difficult to girls if they have got black heads and it is very difficult to remove the black heads so I though to write this article and after reading this article you will get your black heads out of your face with in some hour. So let’s start “how to get rid of black heads.”
 So to remove our Black heads firstly we need to make a past and we have to apply that past in your black head. So let’s start to make the past.
*Ingrident required to make the past
1.> Colgate tooth past – 1tea spoon
*Note you need take non flavour simple Colgate tooth past
2.>Rose water – ½ tea spoon
3.>Salt – 1 tea spoon
 *How to make past.
Just it is very easy to make the pat after you have collected all the required ingredients. Firstly you need to put the tooth past in the bowl and again put the Rose water and salt in it and mix it properly. For 3min and after that your past is ready.
 *How to apply the past.
It is very easy to apply the past. Just you need to take little bit of the past in a tooth brush and scrub the past in the area where you have Black heads gently for 5-6 min. And after applying the pat let the past be for 10min in your skin and after 10min you can wash the past with normal water.
You can. Use this past for 2 times a week to remove your Black heads and after 2 use your back heads will be disappeared. And any one and people having different skin type can use this so plz try this remedie if you have black heads and plz comment the result you have got.
So I hope you have like your this article and the remedie you have share with you are also working very well so plz comment the type of remedies you need we will try to make article on that particular till then bye.

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