How to make your lips naturally pink

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Hy guys how are you I hope you all are fine and today I am back with my new and exciting Article and I am writing this article because previously in my another article I got a comment that sir please write a article on topic  How to make your lips naturally pink so after reading that Article I really become so excited that I decided that  now any how I will write a Article on that topic and after some time I stared to working on the topic How to make your lips naturally pink.  So guys with out wasting time let’s start.
Pink lips are really very attractive and eye catching and mostly people dream about getting a gorgeous Pink lips so guyzz if you to get a glowing Pink lips then read this article to the end because in this article I am going to share those things which will help to get a gorgeous pink lips and it is a natural and working redeemy

How to make your lips naturally pink

Most boys and girls want a glowing Pink lips in their teen age so they try various treatment and lip bam but most of them are useless and creat lip infection so today I am going to give you a great treatment which will help you to make your lip naturally pink.
 So first we need to make a paste and apply that in your lip so for that we need following ingredients.
1. Colgate toothpaste   1tea spoon
2. Sugar                 half tea spoon
 After you have collected this all this things you need to put all the materials in a bowl and mix till the sugar melts and after the sugar have melted in the tooth paste our mixture is ready.
After you have made the mixture apply the paste in your dark lips and let it for 10mins and After 10min you can remove the paste from your lips and you will get the best results with in 2 attempt.
Note*- use the redeemy at least 2-3 time a week so you can get better results and glowing pink lips.
 Final word
So guyz I hope you have like your this article and now you have get the idea how to make your lips naturally Pink

And plz Comment what improvemt you want in our website or blog so guyzz till then bye bye

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