How to Remove Pimple Over Night In 3 simple steps.

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Firstly I want to say that who doesn’t get pimples in their face but some take right step in time and get prevent from it. But some fool doesn’t take the right step and faces pimple problem. So, in this article I will teach you how you can get prevent from pimple in over night with in just 3 simple steps. So with out wasting the time lets start.
So, before sharing this tips with you I am going to say you that I will give 3 simple trick which realy work wonderfully after this treatment with in the 24 hour your pimple are going to disappear for life time so, lets start..
 *Step – 1.  Suppressing the pimple.
      For that what you have to do is take a ice cube and wrap a cotton cloth and just Dab it on your pimple. Now ice is not in nature and if you have any pain over there it is going to relive that pain and  as well as suppurcassing that pimple which is going to give you a carm felling.

*Step – 2  spot treatment .

      This is a very simple and easy step you need to put 2-3 drops of lemon in a bowl and put half tea spoon of honey in it mix it well together and apply it on you pimple for a good 20 minutes and after 20 minutes wip it out with a cotton ball it must need to be a clean cotton ball.

*Step – 3

Take a half a tea spoon of aloe vera gel you can take natural alover gel but if you dont have it you can can it. After taking the alovera gel put it into a bowl take 2-3 mint leaf and crush and after crushing that mint leafs mix that crushed leaf into the alo vera gel and mix it nicely and after mixing your past is ready apply that mixture in your pimple and leave it for a over night.

* And when you get up in the morning you will see a pimple free face this the best treatment which you will found all over the internet. I used to have a small bump on my face and i treated with this treatment and got the best results i was amazed that my pimple was disapred when i wake up in the morning.

So guy thank you for reading this article and i hope you are happy with the result and i will be back with next article till then bye bye.

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